Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How long has Garage Solutions Savannah been in business?

We started in December 2013.

Are you insured?


Are your installers subcontracted or employees?

My installers are subcontracted and have over 35 years combined home improvement and concrete flooring experience.

Do you charge for in-home estimates?


Do you have a showroom?

No, however, we can provide photos of customer installations of all products.

Do you have a minimum dollar amount to come out and perform installations?

No, but please contact us to discuss your requirements for a specific estimate.

My garage is a mess, do I have to move everything for your team to install?

For shelving solutions, we simply need your things moved away from the walls, but for flooring solutions, everything needs to be removed from the garage. If you need special assistance to help you move things, we can provide support for a nominal cost.

Can I purchase products from you and install on my own?

Yes for some Do-It-Yourself projects. For more complicated solutions, we recommend that you allow our professional team to complete the task. You are welcome to watch us complete the job.

Will you come and remove my storage items and reinstall in a new home?

For a few items, yes. However, we are not insured to be professional movers and we recommend that you find professional assistance in this area.

What makes Garage Solutions Savannah different than the other garage enhancement companies?

We are not a franchise or limited by corporate covenants and products. I am a local business owner and can choose products from different vendors. Monkey Bars Shelving is the strongest and most flexible solution in the market. We have multiple cabinet, flooring, and overhead storage options, not just one. Not every garage needs a “makeover.” Sometimes creative sorting and rearranging of what you already have makes a big difference. We take a consultative approach to your garage enhancement requirements and do not ask you to sign a contract on the spot. We take the time to listen carefully to what is important and what you can afford. We want to make life in your garage easier, not just sell you something and move on.

Garage Cabinets

What are your garage cabinets made of?

3/4″ and 1″ thick melamine.

Why are the garage cabinets mounted up off the floor?

This keeps away water and facilitate cleaning underneath.

Do all of your garage cabients have full backs?

Our Signature Series Garage Cabinets feature full backs whereas the Signature Series Garage Cabinet, our economy line of cabinets, are backless and available in more limited sizes and finishes.

Do you provide custom sizes if needed on your garage cabinets?

Our Signature Series Garage Cabinets provide custom measurements to fit your needs.

What about plugs and light switches, do they get covered up by the garage cabinets?

During our estimate visit in your garage, we’ll note the location of plugs and switches, and then design a cabinet configuration that allows placement adjacent to these items. We can also cut in from behind for access.

Are your garage cabinets made in North America?


Garage Flooring

How soon can I get back into the garage once the garage floor coating is completed?

Typically, you can walk on the new floor in three hours after the second coat is applied. If the floor coating is still tacky after three hours, wait another hour or two. Also, do not drive a vehicle on the new floor for at least 24 hours.

Does everything have to be out of the garage during the garage floor coating installation?

Typically, yes. There are a few exceptions, including things on exisintg shelving or hanging from the ceiling.

My home is new, do my floors still need to be prepped, as I would like to save some money and not have it prepped?

Prepping the floor (even new concrete) is critical to successful adhersion.

Do you cover the side walls with the garage floor coating?

Stem Walls can be coated and even stairs, if desired.

Does your garage floor coating cover the area outside the garage door where it meets the driveway?

Yes, unless the customer insists otherwise.

What if I drop something and I damage the new garage floor coating?

Our Limited Warranty applies to cracking, fading and peeling. We cannot contral what is dropped to dragged over the floor, once we have completed the installation process. If something damages the floor, we can typically come and make spot repairs for a nominal charge.

How do you recommend we clean our new floor?

Soap and water are best. No harsh chemicals are needed for cleanup.

Garage Shelving

What is better, wall mounted garage shelving or overhead ceiling racks?

They are both functional. The decision guideline is really the ceiling height or what fits your needs.

What is the weight capacity of your garage shelving?

Each 4-foot section of Monkey Bar Shelving can support 1,000lbs

Will wall shelving interfere with our vehicles?

Not if the system is designed appropriately. This is why we are careful to discuss vehicle sizes and walking pathways in your garage. Also, before we commence with any shelving installation, we consult with you on the exact shelving height to ensure there are no interference concerns.

What if I need more hooks to hang items from the Monkey Bars System?

Give us a call and we can ship them to you or we can drop them off when we are in your neighborhood.

Overhead Ceiling Racks

How are the overhead ceiling racks secured to the ceiling?

Lag bolts are placed directly into the ceiling joists.

How low can the overhead ceiling racks come down from the ceiling?

This depends upon ceiling height and walkway clearance underneath. Typically, installations are 36″-48.”

Can your overhead ceiling racks be mounted into walls?

Yes, in addition to ceiling joists.

How low can the overhead ceiling racks come down from the ceiling? If I want my overhead ceiling racks over my garage door, how much clearance do I need?

This depends upon ceiling height. If the clearance is low, another option is “inverted” Monkey Bar Shelving above the garage door springs. This is an unused part of 99% of garages and can be maximized depending upon the quantity and size of the items you wish to store.

How large can you make a single overhead storage rack?

4′ x 8′.

PVC Slatwall

Is your slat wall similar to what retail stores use for displays?

No, most retail stores use a pressboard slatwall due to lower cost. The displays you commonly see are a type of slatwall that usually does not stand up ot the heat and humidity of Coastal summers. Our slatwall is made of top quality materials.

Is the finish on the slat wall painted on?


Does slat wall protect my garage walls?

Yes, to a certain degree. It will protect sheetrock walls from scratches and bumps. Obviously, something like a car or golf cart could still cause structural failure.

What do you do about the seams and cut edges on the slat wall?

We use color matched edge molding for a finished look.

Does the slat wall cover plugs, switches, electrical panels, etc.?

An intelligently designed and installed slatwall does not cover plugs, switches or eletrical panels to retain access.

How is the slatwall mounted to the wall?

We use color-matching drywall screws for a finished look.